If you are looking for an easy way to take some courses online at a substantial discount, an individual membership is a perfect option for you.  You have the ability to take an UNLIMITED number of childcare training courses in a 12 month period. Your membership starts the day you buy it.  

Once you purchase your membership, you will immediately see all of our available courses downloaded into your dashboard.  You can take any course at any time to complete your early childhood education requirements.  They are available to take 24/7, so just take your course and print or download your certificate. It's that easy!

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Have you ever purchased a center membership that didn't fit your needs?  Did you get stuck buying a membership for 50 employees when you only needed 36?  Smarty Pants is announcing a new concept we think you will love.  Simply buy what you need!  Use the interactive grid below to determine what your cost is for the staff you have.  Just type the number of employees you have in the white box in the red block to see your discount center price.

When you need to add an additional employee, you will be charged your low discounted price.  

For example, if you have 30 employees, you pay $24 per employee so the initial membership will cost you $720.  If you need to add 4 employees 3 months later, you pay $24 per employee.  

 If you are ready to purchase a membership, contact us and we will walk through the process and cost with you. We do all the work.  You will only need to send us a list of your employees names with their email address and we do the rest. 

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